Stop tarnishing my name on mere allegations-Keter tells off his opponents.

MP Nandi Hills Alfred Keter (second from left) in a past function
MP Nandi Hills Alfred Keter (second from left) in a past function

Nandi Hills Member of Parliament Hon. Alfred Keter has condemned some of his opponents in Kenya Kwanza team for allegations meted on him that he is instilling rot in youths by buying them alcohol.

Keter who was furious while addressing his electorates in his campaign trail cited jealousy and political intolerance among the Kenya Kwanza team who have massively continued to attack him politically because he is vying on an independent ticket, saying come rain come sunshine they will not succeed in bringing him down politically.

“Kenya Kwanza brigade have decided to tarnish my name on mere allegations, they won’t succeed at all. I am a man of God and I can’t buy alcohol to youths.” He affirmed.


The Nandi Hills legislator has been on the record for not supporting the Deputy President, a situation which has forced Ruto’s supporters to hit hard on him on grounds convincing the electorates to send him home in favor of the United Democratic Alliance nominees.

He said that he has forgiven his enemies and is much ready to faceoff with his competitors come 9th August.

Kenya Kwanza team has made several visits to Nandi to woo the electorates to rally behind the UDA nominees in August, a situation which has become hard to push because the electorates are of opinion to choose leaders wisely basing on their score card and developmental records not on party grounds.

During the UDA party primaries, a total of twenty seven MCAs and five MPs were sent parking whereby they opted to vie for the positions on independent tickets and this has posed a threat to the party nominees.

According to Nandi electorates, they will vote in William Ruto as the President but on County seats they will decide on their own not being dictated or forced to elect urging the DP to leave them make their own choices.