Street kids in Kakamega seek woman rep intervention to obtain IDs, birth certificates

Kakamega woman representative Elsie Muhanda
Kakamega woman representative Elsie Muhanda

Street kids in Kakamega have called upon the County woman representative Elsie Muhanda to liaise with the national government to ensure that they get national documents, which include Identity Cards and birth certificates.

Led by Kamayi Musa, who is 21 years old, they said that it’s hard for them to obtain such documents given that the requirements dictate they must have copies of their parents’ documents before accessing the services.

They have urged the government to consider eliminating such requirements for they do not have parents yet they are interested in their rights like choosing their leaders. In reply, the woman rep has said she was ready to fight for the their constitutional rights and will visit the Huduma Centre next week to seek the way forward. She was speaking after visiting mothers and patients at the Kakamega General Hospital over Christmas.