Strict Laws & Policies set to help Mining industry grow

Mining CS Dan Kazungu during a press briefing

The Ministry of mining has said that lack of proper engagements on the draft mining regulations and guidelines are the major factor leading to lagging behind  in development matters.

The Ministry has been dealing with weak laws in the past 40 years a reason that made it come up with strict laws and regulations which would help the country achieve its goals for Vision 2030.

On the 1st of April 2016, the ministry had the Minerals and Policy passed by the cabinet and is now poised for submission to Parliament for adoption.The President assented to the Mining Bill 2016 effectively repealing the 1940 legislation.

This marked the commencement of the Mining Act 2016.

Kazungu said that those found violating the rules and regulations will face heavy charges and penalties.

He said that following the right  procedures that have been set down will help curb many cases that are reported daily due to the simple neglect of rules which could be avoided from the very onset.

“This new law positions Kenya on the path to being the most attractive destination for mineral investment in Africa and enhances the country’s competitiveness globally by providing a stable, predictable and transparent investment climate for exploration and mining companies,” said Kazungu.

Additionally, for the first time in this nation’s history, there will be a clear framework for management of artisanal mining in Kenya. “This in itself stands true with the objective of the Ministry to ensure inclusion of Kenyans in the Minearals sector,” Kazungu added.

The regulations will operationalize the requirement for exploration and mining companies to move away from the traditional CSR model of engagement with communities and move towards the more comprehensive Community Development Agreements.

A truck at a mining site being loaded with raw materials for mineral extraction
A truck at a mining site being loaded with raw materials for mineral extraction

This will ensure that the communities and companies sit at one table and agree on the development trajectory for the areas in which these resources are found.

“We are putting every effort to ensure that the mineral resources available in this country benefit the country and its people”.Kazungu insisted.

About the close of a fluorspar mining plant that  laid off  nearly 200 of its casual workers,the cabinet secretary said that his ministry was looking into the matter with urgent need and call so as to establish the main reason as to why it was closed