Student stripped half naked as punishment


Student stripped half naked as punishment

A parent at St. Elizabeth Likuyani Girls School in Likuyani Sub County, Kakamega county wants disciplinary action taken against the institution’s deputy principal for allegedly meting outlawed corporal punishment on her form two daughter.

Speaking to West media Mrs. Nancy Khaemba accused the deputy, Mrs. Mary Wasike of embarrassing and psychologically torturing her daughter, after she forcefully half stripped her in full glare of members of public.

The parent alleged that the teacher who is also in charge of discipline forced the girl to sit in class without clothes as a punishment of going to school without school uniform

“The only mistake my daughter had committed was to wear a blouse that was slightly different from the official attire of the school but the teacher should have asked why she was not in official uniform as usual before administering such an inhumane punishment,” said the mother.

The school’s head teacher, Mrs. Elizabeth Njite Masanganjila and some of the students at the school

The daughter had washed her uniform the previous evening and left it to dry outside but it was stolen on the hanging line a situation that forced her to go to school in different attire since students were doing their end of first term examination and she could not miss going to school according to the mother.

It is claimed the deputy head asked the student to remove the blouse before forcing her to remain topless the entire day a situation that prevented male teachers from entering her classroom.

“When she arrived at school, the deputy principal told her to remove the blouse which had a label of Luuya Girls Secondary school and warned other students from lending her an extra pair of uniform.She said.

“My daughter was forced to remain with a bra the whole day as she sat for
her examination and male teachers were unable to enter the classroom with the situation at hand,” said the mother who is a teacher at St. Bibiana Primary School.

After classes in the evening, the corporal punishment victim was said to have walked back home to Mapera village, a distance of about 10 kilometers, in the same situation as passerby took her photos and humiliated her.

Mrs. Khaemba told journalists that her effort to talk to the deputy head hit a snag, claiming the latter violently chased her out of the office.

Mrs. Nancy Khaemba the mother of the student


“When I went to inquire from the teacher what happened, I was rudely sent out of the office and she told me to stop wasting her time claiming to have other important issues to attend to. My daughter has threatened not to continue with her education following the incidence” she said.

When reached for comment, the school’s head teacher, Mrs. Elizabeth Njite Masanganjila confirmed the student was stripped half naked, but was quick to deny she was allowed to remain naked for the rest of the day.

“According to school regulations, students are not allowed to be in school without proper school uniform,” she noted.

Likuyani Sub County Education Director, Mr. David Esemele Mwandihi said his office had no information about the incident but promised to do investigation before any action was taken against the said teacher.