Students hospitalized after alleged food poisoning

Students of Mabole Secondary school in Butere

The Students outside Butere sub county hospital.

More than ninety students from Mabole Secondary school in Butere Cub county Kakamega County were rushed to Butere and Manyala District Hospital for treatment complaining of stomach pain after eating food that is alleged to be poisoned.

According to some of the students talked to who didn’t want their identity to be revealed, they have been complaining for a long time to the administration through class meetings and dormitory meetings of the poor food they are served  but no any action has ever been taken.

Students line up to pick medicine after a medical checkup at Butere Sub County hospital.

They said the previous day they had eaten ugali served with beans but the ugali tasted as if ash had been added in it.

The school’s deputy head teacher Mr.Kennedy Musumba said students started complaining of stomachache before being rushed to Butere and Manyala district hospitals.

Musumba said after diagnosis it was revealed that 20 students had malaria and fifteen of them had digestion problems.

“Most affected students are borders who stay in school so this problem is an internally one, that’s why we are narrowing down to the food they ate the previous day.” The deputy head teacher said.

“As a school we are concerned and we are looking into the matter deeply to know the cause”. added Mr. Kennedy Musumba.

The Kakamega County public health officer Dr. Manyasi Paul and county disease coordinator Mr. Richard Nyamai visited the school urgently for inspection to come up with what may be conspired.

They inspected the kitchen, staff-room, classes and dormitories.

The kitchen

Addressing the media Dr. Paul assured the parents and all stakeholders concerned that the students are in good health a

They visited Butere Sub County Hospital where fifty students were rushed to Manyala hospital where fourty students were treated and allowed to go back to school.

Dr. Richard Nyamai said they had taken some food samples to a laboratory to carry out food tastes to determine if the food had any chemical in it.

He said they would make a report of if the food was poisoned and give a final conclusion after they get full report and findings after the laboratory tastes.