Studio journalists form a new group -Western Media Guild

Western Media Guild officials & members at Bungoma Members Club after officials meeting.

 Leaders are urged to recognize the contribution of journalists towards driving the agenda of development in the country.

Speaking during a meeting that brought together journalsit officials who work in various studios; presenters and news anchors across all local radio and TV stations in Western Kenya, they complained for being sidelined in several occasions in making decisions and yet they play a big role in disseminating of information to the society on what is done by county governments and national government.

The speakers appreciated the beginning of this new organization of Western Media Guild (WMG) as they said that it will bring together journalists to deal with issues affecting them that were initially forgotten.  

Group officials are;

1. Chairperson- Robert Wanyonyi- Tandao TV

2. Secretary – Victoriah Sindani- West Media

3. Treasurer- Diana Makokha- Sulwe FM

4. Organizing Secretary- Ben Luseno- Sema Radio

5. Vice Chair- Barbra- Radio Mambo

6. Vice Secretary- Alex – Simba Radio

7. Welfare- Charity Tanui-Nyota FM

8. Tandaza Radio representative- Jackiel Opiyo

9. Radio Waumini representative- Wafula Waswa

10. Sasa Radio representative- Ferdinand Jumba

The group has 57 active members and expecting to have more as registration is still ongoing.

“Journalism is a profession that has been looked down upon for long but we have decided to come together to ensure that we work as a team since we are the society’s mirror therefore we are here to strengthen the work of journalists so that we can make a step in life,” said John Kabaka

 “We have goals to improve ourselves in this profession therefore am urging all journalists who work in studios to join us so that we achieve our goals in the society,” stated Barba Kakai

 “It is a new beginning for studio journalists because we have goals that we are supposed to achieve and there is no way we can achieve this if every journalist will walk alone that is why we have decided to come together to see that we walk this journey together and I know that we shall succeed since with unity we will,” Palinyang affirmed

 “As journalists we say unity is strength so we are here to ensure that we walk together” said Alex Wafula

 “Am happy today since we have come here to put forth strategies and I know that we shall go far and stand for our own, we are tired of being told that we can’t prosper and go anywhere alone therefore it is our time to stand for ourselves and assist each other and stop depending on politicians and other leaders as it is alleged,” Charity Tanui said

 “As journalists who work in studios we share same  issues that affect us in our places of work that is why we have come together so that we assist each other in one way or another to ensure that as journalists we move ahead in unity and love. We are 57 members at the moment therefore am urging other journalists who work in studios to come and join us so that we push this agenda together.” Asserted Victoriah

“We are hopeful that through this group we will be able to show what is expected of us in the society, journalists have different needs that is why we saw that it is better we pull together so that we can work together and work on these needs, to learn from each other and be able to establish new things that come up in our profession,” stated Wanyonyi

“Studio journalists  are the endpoint to any news or anything that is aired therefore they have the capability to choose on the story that can be aired, if a story can cause division and incite people can’t be aired, if a story can bring problems to a field reporter that can even land him/ her in court won’t be aired, they are also in a good position to bring peace and cohesion in the country since we have politicians who use media that is radio or TV as a squaring point therefore we are here to ensure that such news can’t be run and we urge politicians and other leaders to support us on this course ,” he posed.