Sugar report should be tabled afresh in parliament-Kabuchai MP

Kabuchai MP Lusweti Mukwe
Kabuchai MP Lusweti Mukwe

Members of parliament from the Western region who were bribed to reject the sugar report have been accused of stooping low to frustrate the report tabled by the Agriculture and Trade committee in the National Assembly.

Addressing the delegation at Teremi Boys High School on Sunday during the closure of a 5 day Elgon Religious Society of Friends Quakers Annual General Conference, Kabuchai MP James Mukwe Lusweti stated that it’s his wish to see the report taken back to parliament and a fresh debate opened.

“I was surprised to hear that honourable members who come from sugar zones also could be bribed with little cash, Kshs. 10,000. That’s being cheap, in fact, there are others who were given the money while in the toilet. How can a whole MP accept that just to frustrate the sugar report?’’ posed Mukwe.

When the contraband sugar saga was unravelled, MPs from the region went to confirm the presence of sugar at Rai Paper in Webuye and were to take the report to the National Assembly.

“I was among the team that came to Rai Paper in Webuye and we found there 59,000 bags of sugar that was imported from Brazil and was labelled ‘not for use’. Though one could not differentiate ready for use sugar and what we found there,” he said “As MPs from the sugar-producing zone we have decided to hold a meeting on Tuesday to plan how we shall represent the same in parliament. If we won’t be allowed we shall march out because our farmers and workers are suffering and we can’t let this situation persist.”

The Kabuchai MP said that the issue of zoning should be dealt with by ensuring that strategies are put in place before implementation.

“When it comes to zoning it depends because there are areas that do well and some don’t therefore, a good approach is needed before it’s implemented,” he added.

This sentiment was opposed by Tale Nabangi, a politician in Kabuchai who said that zoning brings inefficiency. He contributed to the sugar issue, saying the illegal sugar importation has led to the death of the sugar industry. He urged the government to help revive Nzoia sugar by clearing the debts

Benard Wamanga, Teremi Boys High School principal, thanked the Quaker church for being close to the school and helping to curb vices which had become rampant among students. He urged parents to spend sufficient time with their children as this will enable them to understand the needs and the state of the children. He further urged parents to allow the children to regularly attend church to keep them from evil schemes like devil worship which is rampant in schools.

Bungoma North Kenya National Union of Teachers Executive Secretary General Chrispinus Sifuna who is also the Presiding Clerk for Tongaren Yearly Meeting said that Quakers believe in peace, love and education.

“Education is a key aspect of life, therefore, parents should embrace education as one foundation of curbing poverty in the society,” stated Sifuna.

He applauded the handshake between Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa and Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula and urged other leaders to follow suit.

He appreciated the president’s sentiments on delocalization of teachers and urged TSC to have talks with KNUT on promotion and teachers’ employment.

“I want to thank the president for saying that delocalization shall be reviewed so that the lives of teachers aren’t interfered with, and disturbances in schools can also be dealt with. We would like TSC to also look at the issue of promotion and hiring of teachers to avoid understaffing problems,” he reiterated

Bokoli Member of the County Assembly Jack Kawa urged the church to pray for children as they are preparing to begin their third term.

The Conference that brought together more than 1000 delegates of Lugulu Yearly Meeting Quakers began on Wednesday 15thAugust and ended on Sunday 19th August 2018.