Support aging parents

Maxwel's parents, himself with his colleagues at their home in Kamusinde RC
Maxwel's parents, himself with his colleagues at their home in Kamusinde RC

Children have been urged to take care of their aging parents as a sign of tapping blessings and also following the bible teachings.

Speaking in Kamusinde RC village in Kimilili constituency Francis Makokha a 74 year old, father to Maxwel Masinde, Mumbo FM presenter together with his colleagues had paid a courtesy call to the parents said it was an honor for the current generation to remember their aging parents.

He applauded the presenters for coming up with the unity of visiting their parents citing that it was a sign of unity and togetherness that is rare in today’s world.

With laughter in his face he said his son while still young was very stubborn and never imagined that at any given time he would grow and be the person he is in life.

He asked people to be careful in choosing friends, live with people who can build them in development matters than someone whose mission is to divide than unite.

Mr Makokha says that the world has changed and people only want to associate with the rich who can offer money, drinks advice and ideas.

He says parents are losing it out by neglecting their children and leaving them indulge in bad behaviors instead of being closer and offering guidance.

In the event of any misbehavior parents have contributed a lot because they cannot rectify a vice because they fear the children might stop caring for them.

He says many have bowed down and worshiping their children instead of telling them off, saying that this is a norm that has to be stopped to protect future generation.

Jacinta Nasipwoni mother to Maxwel was lost for words and thanked Maxwel’s colleagues for remembering them  urging them to also make plans so that their parents too can meet.

The presenters took shopping plus other gifts to the parents who later blessed them.

This was not the start, the presenter’s too in last month had visited Walter Namisi’s mother in Sinoko village in Webuye East Constituency.