Suspected thief burnt beyond recognition in Sango Village, Matete Sub County.

The scene where the suspect was burnt

A suspected livestock thief was burnt beyond recognition by an angry mob at Sango village, Mabuye sub location in Matete Sub County.

Confirming the incident, Mabuye sub location assistant chief Kennedy Wambulwa said the deceased Cedric Lung’atso (32) with his two accomplices are alleged to have stolen a cow from the neighboring Mutua village and drove it to his compound in the wee hours of Monday morning before selling it.

Realizing his cow was missing, the owner raised an alarm attracting the attention of residents who teamed up to help him search for the animal.

Following the heavy rains that hit the area the previous evening, the locals were able to trace the hoof prints leading to the compound.

The angry residents managed to corner and caught the suspect who agreed to have stolen the cow and sold it and shared the money with his two accomplices.

Suspect Burnt Here
Suspect Burnt Here

His confession prompted the mob to descend upon him with all manner of crude weapons before setting him on fire, burning him beyond recognition.

Wambulwa has warned residents against taking laws into their own hands urging them to hand all suspects to relevant authorities for a legal action to be taken against them.

The body was removed by officers from Matete police station and taken to Webuye mortuary as they launched investigations into the incident.