Suspected motorcycle thief escapes lynching narrowly

The Kapsabet police station where the suspect is held
The suspected motorcycle thief ran to the Kapsabet Police station, where he is held as investigations continue

A suspected motorcycle thief in Kapsabet town narrowly escaped death after angry boda boda operators wanted to lynch him, but luckily, security officers came to his rescue.

Confirming the incident,Nandi Central Police Boss Joakim Mecha who spoke to West FM in his office, said the suspect identified as Nicholas Odhiambo, a resident of Kamobo area in Nandi was rescued by the police from the hands of the mob who had purported he was a criminal.

The OCPD confirmed that the culprit is a known thief who has got out of jail recently after finishing his six month sentence on the case of peddling drugs.

“The guy has been linked with a criminal record of robbery with violence and peddling of drugs,” he said.

The OCPD Nandi central Joakim Mecha
The OCPD Nandi central Joakim Mecha said the suspected motorcycle thief has been linked with a past criminal record

The suspect was caught at Sasa petrol station by the mob who wanted to lynch him but he pleaded with them not to kill him so that he could reveal the names of other suspects who have been working in conjunction with him.

He was placed on a boda boda as he was led to the supposed lynching site by the mob, but he managed to wriggle free and ran for safety to the Kapsabet police station cells, thus forcing the police to use tear gas to disperse the angry mob.

The suspect was held at the police station as investigations continued.