Suspected thief steal and slaughter his neighbor’s goat in Chekalini.

The hole in which the stolen goat is believed to have been slaughtered.

A suspected livestock thief stole his neighbor’s goat, slaughtered it, and stored its meat in his house in Mwambuli village, Chekaini location, Lugari Sub County.

According to Mr. Sammy Chahilu, his goats had been tethered to graze on his farm when the suspect Imbai Shivonje secretly untied one of the he-goats and directed it in a dungeon in the neighborhood where he slaughtered it in broad daylight unnoticed.

After killing the goat, the suspect carried it into his house where he skinned and hung the meat inside the house ready for sale or make a delicacy out of it.

Mr. Chahilu said he discovered the goat missing when he went to check on them at around 4:00 pm. And after unsuccessfully searching for it from the neighbors who have goats in the village, he came across a dugout with a pool of blood while on his way home which he suspected to be of his goat.

He alerted family members and other residents and raided the suspect’s where they were shocked to find the meat and parts of the goat as the suspect managed to escape and disappeared into a sugarcane plantation.

Mr. Chahilu said this was not the first time for the suspect to steal his animal saying he first stole his cow and slaughtered it about two years ago where he was arrested selling its meat in brewing dens.

According to the residents, the suspect has been causing those sleepless nights by stealing anything valuable and they have threatened to take the law into their hands and deal with him