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West Pokot County receive land registry equipment

West Pokot county government has received land registry equipment costing Ksh 14.8 million that will enable the people of West Pokot to promptly access land...

European Union (EU) pumps 4.5 million Euros in a 4 year “ustahimilivu” project to support resilience.

The European Union (EU) has pumped 4.5 million Euros in the four year “Ustahimilivu” project consortium project that aims  to support resilience for sustainable livelihoods...

EU launches 90.8 million health project

European Union (EU) has launched a 90.8 million project on Maternal and child Nutrition in West Pokot County that is set to benefit over...

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Reactions over ANC leader’s political move

A section of Amani National Congress (ANC) party officials in Trans Nzoia County have jumped ship to the rival Democratic Action party (DAP-K) following...
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