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Tag: fish farming

Fish farming brings food and nutrition security.

Turkwel dam has become one of the major producers of fish after the Kerio Valley Development Authority (KVDA) and the County Government began implementing several...

Farmers urged to embrace fish farming

Mumias West residents have been urged to practice fish farming as a commercial project that will help in the creation of job opportunities amongst themselves....

Government keen to streamline Agriculture sector

Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture Mr. Willy Bett has assured Kenyans that food security in the country is stable and the government is working hard...

Busia govt. gives a boost to fish farming

Fish farming has been given a boost in Busia County as the County government has decided to revive the fish ponds in the region. Speaking...

KWH empowering women through fish farming

Demand for fish has and is still rising owing to the growing population and changing feeding habits. With this demand, aquaculture has been seen to...

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