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Tags West Pokot County government

Tag: West Pokot County government

Beads work turns Pokot women into entrepreneurs

Cultural beliefs in the Pokot community have prohibited many women in pastoral areas of West Pokot County from owning property despite them being talented...

West Pokot Cabinet reshuffled

West Pokot County Governor John Lonyangapuo has done a mini-reshuffle to his cabinet. This comes barely 8 months after  Governor Lonyangapuo reshuffled his cabinet...

Busia County and West Pokot pass the BBI Bill

The county government of Busia and West Pokot have today passed the BBI Bill. The County Assemblies of the two counties passed the constitution...

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Local leaders urged to assist in voter registration drive

Local leaders in Lugari Sub County have been urged to help in educating unregistered voters on the importance of their votes before the end...

Nandi residents warned of heavy down pours

The Red Cross Department in Nandi has warned of heavy rainfalls in the region urging residents living in landslides and mudslides prone areas to...

Nandi residents asked to register as voters.

As the enhanced continuous voter registration(ECVR) phase two kicks off on Monday 17th January 2022, Nandi residents have been urged to turn out in...
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