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Tag: west pokot county

West Pokot people living with disability marginalized in education as 90 % of disabilities lack formal education.

A concern has been raised over people living with disability in West Pokot County being marginalized in formal education leading to many lacking the...

Cattle rustling rising along West-Pokot and Trans-Nzoia border.

Following rampant theft of livestock along the borders of Transnzoia county and West Pokot, residents have been urged to report cases of cattle theft...

Lonyangapuo-Poghisio war intensifies

The relationship between the West Pokot Governor Prof. John Lonyangapuo and Senate majority leader Samuel Poghisio has gone sour after Lonyangapuo termed Poghisio as...

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One suspect arrested as two escape narrowly

A lorry driver was arrested as other two flew while they were intercepted by villagers at Makhese market while planning to load eight stolen cows...
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