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Tags West pokot county

Tag: west pokot county

Leaders call for more resources in pastoral areas

Leaders from West Pokot County have called on the national government to allocate more resources to pastoral communities to help end retrogressive practices like...

NEMA faulted for halting road construction

Leaders in West Pokot county have faulted the National Environment Management Authority for issuing a stop order on the construction of Kamatira, Lelan, Chepotong’ei...

Turkana, Pokot leaders applaud sustained peace

Residents and leaders from West Pokot and Turkana Counties met at Lotong’ot area, which is along the border of the two Counties and celebrated the prevailing peace...

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One suspect arrested as two escape narrowly

A lorry driver was arrested as other two flew while they were intercepted by villagers at Makhese market while planning to load eight stolen cows...
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