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Tag: west pokot county

Governor Simon Kachapin criticizes KANU

West Pokot Governor Simon Kachapin has vowed to eliminate KANU party in West Pokot county during the 2017 general elections. Speaking during a campaign...

Countering FGM in West Pokot county

Cases of Female Genital Mutilation in the country have drastically dropped by 6% from 2009 up to now. The prevalence rate used to be 27%...

Education campaign launched in West Pokot County

More than 60,000 school going children are out of school in West Pokot County due to retrogressive practices and insecurity challenges that have been experienced in...

Women urged to use health facilities

Governor Simon Kachapin has urged women in West Pokot county to deliver in health facilities to ensure child mortality is reduced in the region....

School on verge of closure after latrines collapsed

Pupils of Keringet Primary school in Kapenguria, West Pokot County are suffering after nine latrines in their school collapsed on Thursday last week after a heavy...

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One suspect arrested as two escape narrowly

A lorry driver was arrested as other two flew while they were intercepted by villagers at Makhese market while planning to load eight stolen cows...
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