Talai elders refute claims of coronating Baringo Senator as Kalenjin spokesperson


The Talai council of elders led by their council organizing secretary Mr. Cristopher Agui has refuted claims that the council have conducted a coronation ceremony for Baringo senator Hon. Gedion Moi. 
Speaking to West FM at Kapsisiywo area, Agui said the claims that Moi was crowned as a Kalenjin elder/spokesperson by Talai council of elders is not true citing they have already conducted the coronation ceremony for the deputy president William Ruto as the only Kalenjin leaders/spokespersons thus won’t conduct it twice. 
He said that the purported coronation by the scrupulous people who want to solicit money from politicians in the name of Talai elders was conducted at the senator’s home in Baringo and not in Kapsisiywo as purported by many. 
“The coronation was done far away in unknown place not in Kapsisiywo region” He affirmed. 
The Talai elders have revealed that they have already coronated Ruto as the Kalenjin kingpin leader and no one else will be coronated until his times come. 
Baringo senator Gideon Moi made headlines recently after his attempts to visit Kapsisiywo area to be coronated and made the Kalenjin spokesperson,  flopped following the blockage of the roads leading to region by the angry youths. 
They have sent a warning to some people who purports to be part of Talai elders by deceiving politicians to offer blessings that the law will take its costs.