Tapping parents blessings is key

Chama members, parents and other relatives

As a way of getting blessings from parents, children need to learn the art of giving back  after all they receive from their aging parents. Some children have never realized the importance of a parent and to some extend even after being blessed they will still neglect them without knowing the kind of trouble they are putting themselves in

Parents work hard just to make sure their sons and daughters  excel in life and its always their pride when such dreams come true. They  do all it takes to make sure they send children to school, deny themselves good life , clothing and even eating just to make sure  a child secures quality education and lives a good life.

Some children have been good enough to remember the sufferings the parents went through but some have even  gone to an extend of denying them in public because standards have been raised. Children who neglect and even deny their parents attract a life full of curses because of the tears a parent  sheds.

Melody and her parents

A family in Matulo village Webuye East constituency celebrated when their child who is in one of the Chamas decided to  visit just to celebrate  and appreciate them. Melody murumba a teacher in Nasaka primary through “bayaya chama” took her friends to her parents to tap their blessings

Through the chama that visits a members parents every month they stormed  in matulo village where dance and ululation was all over. Melody says it was the best gesture because this was an opportune time to tap blessings from her parents who have struggled to see her through and make it in life.

Her parents Mr. and Mrs. Murumba couldn’t hide their joy as it was the best moment of their lives. The parents who had invited friends and relatives said it was the best gift their daughter gave as it reunites them and provides an enabling environment of mingling after a long time.

Mr. Murumba cited that children who remember their parents even in old age have a place in heaven. Mr Murumba said for a child to be successful he or she has to take of their old parents as the Bible puts it. He acknowledged the importance of bearing children as the visit was one of a kind.

In the same spirit he urged parents who have children to make sure that they advice them accordingly and rear them in a good and acceptable way saying that we live in a lost generation which needs close monitoring. Mrs. Murumba who was full of joy and happiness said a mothers joy is to see that she reaps from what she has struggled with.

She insisted on taking children to school and urged parents to be strict with them as they monitor closely the child’s progress to help them avoid bad companies that can mislead them. They also insisted the importance of the whole community being responsible for a child’s behavior saying it was the best way to bring up children.