Taracha donates balls to football teams in Likuyani

One of the teams receiving a ball

The Director of Research at the Kenya National Museums Dr. Evans Taracha has pledged to fully support sporting activities in Likuyani and ensure the sub county produces worldclass sportsmen and women.

In his address during distribution of balls to football teams in Likuyani sub county, Dr. Taracha said as a leader who loves sports he will fully support various disciplines in the sporting sector, calling on the youths from the area to take sports seriously as a form of employment, to foster co-existence and keep them off criminal activities

He appealed to the youths to keep off drugs and instead use their energies in sporting activities, which will keep them busy and possibly earn them a living.

Taracha, who has declared his interest in the Likuyani parliamentary seat in the 2022 general elections said that youths were the pillars of any nation and by participating in sports, crimes like drug abuse, robbery and other vices will be reduced.

He noted that his focus was to develop the culture of sports among the youths adding that sports can help discover hidden talents amongst young people.

He said nothing pays more than sports, citing an example of the Montreal Impact midfielder Victor Mugubi Wanyama who hails from Kenya and who earns millions of shillings weekly.

The teams that benefited from the balls donation include Carwash FC, Bondeni FC, Sinoko FC, Mtoni FC,  Mbururu Dragon ladies, Kongoni FC, Sikhendu FC, Sinai FC,  Dr. Nganga FC,  Siyenga FC among others.

With many teams in Likuyani constituency, Dr. Taracha has promised to donate more balls.