Task force reports not aimed for witch hunt-Lusaka

Bungoma Governor Ken Lusaka
Bungoma Governor Ken Lusaka

Bungoma Governor Kenneth Lusaka has dispelled claims that the reports by three task forces are aimed at witch-hunting the former regime .

Speaking at St. James ACK Mapela church, Lusaka said that the three task forces on human resources, Schorlaship and pending bills were aimed at correcting past mistakes and sealing loopholes for tax payers money getting lost .

” I can assure you that, we are targeting nobody, all we want is the truth to come out so that we can correct past mistakes and ensure efficient and effective systems in government,” stated Lusaka.

Lusaka said the preliminary reports by the task forces had shown glaring anomalies which resulted in loss of money by the County government which should be dealt with,” he added

During the release of the preliminary report Lusaka pointed out double payment of fees by Schorlaship beneficiaries, existing of ghost students and some cases of lack of proper records on the County’s expenditure on the same.

In the human resource task force, Lusaka pointed out employment of under age who did not qualify for the positions among other things .

The pending bills task force also discovered issues among them failure to follow procurement procedure, payment of incomplete projects among other things.

Lusaka has however, said the findings of the three task forces will help the County government to strengthen it’s systems and ensure zero wastage of money in the future.

Bungoma Governor Lusaka in ACK Mapela church
Bungoma Governor Lusaka in ACK Mapela church

” We can only learn from past mistakes, we can not bury our heads in the sand and assume the glaring mistakes,” noted the County CEO

Lusaka further added that failure to point out such mistakes will cost the County millions of shillings.

He added that he had already roled meticulous plans to have projects he had promised during campaigns.

“During campaigns we promised to set up trade loans and youths for example and we are laying ground to the realization of the same,” assured Lusaka

He said will ensure even distribution of projects throughout the County.