A teacher dies while playing soccer

Some of the mourners at the funeral of the teacher
Some of the mourners at the funeral of the teacher

A somber mood engulfed Khalala village, Sitikho Sub location, Webuye West Constituency in Bungoma County after residents received shocking news about the death of a teacher who passed away while playing soccer with his pupils. The teacher was a resident of the area and was teaching in a certain school in Nairobi.

According to Ben Wanyama Wandabusi, the grandfather to the deceased, Stephen Masibo Wanyama said that he received a call from his son who lives in Nairobi and told him about the appalling news.

Wanyama stated that the teacher was playing soccer with his pupils and all of a sudden collapsed, his colleagues tried administering First Aid but all was in vain, he died on the way to the hospital.

“It was on Sunday when I received a call from one of my sons who stays in Nairobi, he told me that Masibo, my grandson, is no more, I tried to find out what caused his death,” he said, “Then my son told me that he was playing then suddenly he fell and lost his consciousness,” explained shocked Wanyama.

The body was taken to the City Mortuary waiting to be transported to their home for burial.