Teachers declare to support Sossion for KNUT top seat fault TSC for weakening KNUT and meddling in union’s elections


Teachers from West Pokot County have called on the Government to stop meddling in the Kenya National Union of Teachers [KNUT] elections and weakening the union.

The teachers who declared support for the sitting Kenya National Union  of Teachers [KNUT]   Secretary General Wilson Sossion during the coming union elections defended the Secretary General saying he is well placed to head the union.

The Knut elections which were going on and stopped will resume after the Corona virus cases subside.

Wilson Sossion who is also a nominated Member of Parliament on ODM Party wants to retain his seat as Knut’s Secretary General.

Speaking yesterday to the press in Kapenguria, West Pokot County Knut Executive Secretary Martin Sembelo said that the region is 100% in support of the Secretary General Mr. Sossion

He noted that as teachers, they have resolved to vote as a block in the coming elections.

“We shall remain binding and we have made unanimous decisions however we wish all the candidates to criss cross the country for campaigns,” said Sembelo.

The teachers castigated   the Teachers Service commission [TSC] of having a scheme to frustrate its members and bring the union to its knees.

They in particular faulted the TSC Chief Executive Officer [CEO] Nancy Macharia over impunity and arrogance of directing teachers to quit the union.

“Teachers are now fed up with wrangles with the Teachers Service Commission [TSC] which has embarrassed the entire process of the commission,” said Sembelo.

Sembelo cited that TSC was after silencing teacher’s voices.

“This is impunity and arrogance of the highest order, Nancy Macharia has become adamant. She has been embezzling Knut member’s funds from 2019 -2020. The TSC CEO should not prevent   Knut members from getting their dues,” he said.

He said that more than 700 Knut employees   across the Country are suffering due to lack of payment since 2019.

He called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to intervene in the matter to end the stalemate.

“The President is not aware what the TSC CEO is doing to teachers, especially Knut. We support the Government of the day .We love you Mr President,”he said.

He also called on the ministry of labor to intervene in the matter.

“Peace in the industrial action is very important. We need to do things diplomatically, hence iron out problems between Knut and TSC .They should bring together Nancy Macharia and Knut Secretary General Wilson Sossion.We can come to the round table and iron out ,We are not enemies,”said Sembelo.

He noted the Knut was still strong and will not break up.

“ We  love this country .We have  a right to form an association  according to the constitution Chapter 41 .Finishing unions in the 21st century was  uncalled for and a Precambrian  way of doing things. Knut created TSC in the 2010 constitution, everyone has the right to join any union .Each and every constitutional body is independent but parliament has an oversight role in every institution in Kenya,”he said.

Sembelo called on the Teachers Service commission to embrace dialogue with Knut and iron out the impending issues.