Teenage pregnancies on the rise in Bungoma County

Bungoma Baptist Girls
Bungoma Baptist Girls

School principals in Bungoma town have urged the society to empower girl child in order to avoid teenage pregnancies.

Teenage pregnancies in Bungoma County have been on the rise in the recent past.

The county has recorded 6000 cases during the Covid-19 pandemic period.

In 2020 Bungoma County topped the list of counties in Western Kenya with the highest number of teenage pregnancies.

”With the immorality in the society one can get caught up in the trap so we should not blame anyone,” said Wendi Mangara, Bungoma Baptist Girls Principal

In her statement she pointed out that the notion that girls should receive gifts from men has become a nightmare since perpetrators use these gifts to lure teenagers into sexual acts.

”Even if you punish the offenders it will not help .I think we should empower the girls to say no.”She added

Expressing her concerns about the matter Wendi said that currently there are five expectant girls in her school. The number is alarming considering the fact that the school is boarding and the girls barely get time to interact with the society.

Retaliating her point Wafula Antony the Principal of Bethesda Girls High School in Bungoma town urged parents and guardians to talk to children directly and stop using parables.

Wafula said peer pressure from teenagers and curiosity, coupled up with the society absconding from their responsibilities are some of the bottle necks in clearing up the matter.

”Parents should commit themselves, avail themselves by creating time for their children and talk to them directly.’’ Urged principal Wafula.

Principal Wendi Magara and Wafula Antony recommended that empowering teenagers is the only safe way to alleviate the situation.

Guidance and counselling was also key when carried with openness without imparting fear to the teenagers.

By Rayzone