The family of an abducted soldier calls for President Uhuru’s intervention

Gershom Wanyonyi, abducted soldier
Gershom Wanyonyi, abducted soldier

The family of an abducted KDF soldier whose his photo and clip went viral on social media stating his life in the hands of AlShaabab at El Adde has appealed to the president who is also the Commander -in -Chief of the Armed Forces to intervene in freeing their kin claiming he was
undergoing hard life at the hands of Alshaabab terrorist gang.

During 2016, Kenyan KDF Camp at El Adde in Somalia was attacked by the terror group while several Kenyan soldiers were attacked while some maimed in an incident that was condemned by the Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Speaking to media, mother to the soldier Rizpah Wasike together with his uncle Justus Masinde explained how his son was the bread winner to the family and how his arrest has affected them as a family as the help they used to get from him is no longer there.

The family of the abducted soldier at their home led by his mother Rizpah Wasike
The family of the abducted soldier at their home led by his mother Rizpah Wasike

They noted that following the attack against Kenyan KDF Camp by Alshaabab militants in 2016 in which several soldiers were killed, they had lost hope and thought one of their son had died amongst the other soldiers who were killed by militants and that they were happy to hear him on social media stating how he was alive and not dead.

They thanked God for having helped their son not to die during the attack and took time in thanking the Lord through songs and prayers at their home at Chebukaka village.

“Our brother was the only hope for us as he used to fend for our family, took care of us through taking care of our needs. We thank God for making him alive, our President please intervene to save our child from the hands of the militants,” stated sister to the soldier Sylvia Wasike.

His sister explained how he was emotionally and now physically affected on realizing that their brother might have been killed by Alshaabab claiming he contracted stroke following the bad news she received concerning the attack of KDF Camp at El Adde in which several soldiers were killed.