The family of a slain Wabukhonyi Friends Secondary night guard living in fear

Mrs. Angela Juma in white, the widow
Mrs. Angela Juma in white, the widow

Residents of Wabukhonyi village and the family of the late Mr. Emmanuel Juma Kasili who was a security officer at Wabukhonyi Friends secondary school who was murdered in cold blood a fortnight ago have asked for a speedy investigation into the matter and the report made public.

Addressing mourners, the family led by the widow Mrs. Angela Juma said so far they have not received any information about who killed their beloved one and this is making them worried as the killers could still be at large and might harm another member of the family given that the reason of killing him still remains a misery.

“It’s now more than two weeks since my husband and the father of my children was brutally murdered and we are burying him without the knowledge of what really transpired, what really happened, who are the killers and what was their reason for murdering him, this is really worrying us especially my children they are asking questions am unable to answer,” grieved the widow.

She added that since the day the incident happened the family hasn’t been the same and they are living in fear not knowing the motive of the murderers.

“We don’t know why he was killed and my kids are living in fear because they didn’t take something serious at his place of work in Wabukhonyi Friends secondary school and that makes it more worrying than ever because we don’t know who will be next,” she explained amid fears.

Her sentiments were echoed by his children who eulogized their father as a hardworking man saying they will only have peace if the culprits are arrested.

“Our father was the best father ever, he spent outside doing security work to make sure we go to school and get the necessary education so that one day we could support him and make him proud but his life has been cut short so we really don’t know how we will cope up with the situation, we curse whoever did it but because we have no energy or capacity for retaliations but we live it to God for revenge,” said the children.

On her part the new school principal Mrs. Juanita Kadera eulogized his worker as a passionate man who always carried out his duties well and the killers have robbed her the best person who she had known for less than one month since she joined the school.

Mrs. Juanita Kadera - school principal
Mrs. Juanita Kadera – school principal

“I don’t know much about the late but the little time we interacted, he was a great man who did his work without any follow up and he could go beyond the duty assigned but the only gift we can give him is by making sure that his children get to finish their education and reach where their father wanted because he really loved education,” said Mrs. Kadera.

Mr. Chelongo Wafula Job - chair
Mr. Chelongo Wafula Job – chair

The school board chair Mr. Job Wafula Chelongo assured the family that they are still following up the matter and will not leave any stone unturned until they reach the bottom of the matter by arresting the perpetrators,” said Mr. Chelongo.