The persistent case of leaders misusing public resources as Kenyans suffer

More should be done by the country's leaders to address the problems arising from and related to proliferation of resources
More should be done by the country's leaders to address the problems arising from and related to proliferation of resources

The problem of Kenya is that by the conspiracy of the politicians (read elected leaders) and public servants (read all those employed in (a) executive arm of government at both the National and County level (b) the legislatures at the National an County level (c) the entire Judiciary) have hijacked the nation’s resources, annually manifested through the budget for their exclusive aggrandizement in terms of salaries, allowances, per diems, travelling expenses, vehicles, all manner of comforts all called recurrent expenditure and which all levels take 65% to 70% of the National Budget and leave a miniscule 30% of that budget for delivery of services and infrastructure to the honourable sovereign citizens of the nation who are by the Constitution of Kenya 2010 the masters, the employers of the public servants and the elected leaders.

The tragedy of tragedy is that the same elected leaders and public servants equally plunder, steal through corruption the 30% of the taxes allocated annually out of the national budget for development (or delivery of services and infrastructure) to the sovereign people.

The elected leaders and public servants in Kenya do not number more than 3 million of the population of Kenya of roughly 45 million people.  So that less than 6 % of Kenyans are fattening themselves eating and vomiting on their shoes as the rest of the citizens (94% of the population of Kenya) watch in desperation, in despair, in resignation, in destitute, in desolation, in unemployment, in disease, dazed with no hope for a better future unless they can get into public service or elective office.

For vividness of the tragedy of Kenya, let us give you the example of you in your home having employed a maid and shamba boy and the two are consuming 70% of your income every year and you and your family consuming 30%. That is the madness of the governance of the nation called Kenya.  And the same workers, servants, elected leaders are in yet another familiar ritual called amending the Constitution so that they (read elected leaders) can increase the slots of elective offices so as to accommodate more of their kindred (the politicians) to have a place to feed at the feeding  trough called the national taxpayers granary.

Regardless of what constitutional amendments, reconfigurations, the elected leaders propose to make the ordinary mwananchi is doomed and cursed and damned to be the perpetual loser, victim of more rapacious political robbery of his birth right, the collective Nation’s property, assured freedom and success of ensuing generations.  How can we continue to allow 6% of the Nation’s population to steal as we watch helpless the birthright of the 94% who are not public servants and elected leaders?

Only one constitutional amendment is required to restore to the sovereign people of Kenya their sovereign entitlements, just desserts of their nation’s wealth and that is that 65% of the national budget goes to delivery of services and infrastructure and 35% to the recurrent expenditure (salaries and outgoings of the public servants and elected leaders) as the servants of the sovereign people of Kenya.  This must be Article 2 of the Constitution after the declaration of the sovereignty of the people of Kenya.

All of the theatrics of amending the Constitution for greater inclusivity are lies, lies, lies as the hyena is the one being asked to look after the meat for Kenyans.  Inclusivity is here referring to inclusivity of the public servants and elected leaders and not you and me, the sovereign people of Kenya.  What tragedy our politics have been turned into the shackles to perpetuate poverty, ignorance and diseases by the servants upon their employers, the sovereign people of Kenya.  New thinking, new strategies just the way our forefathers fought and liberated Kenya from British imperialists and their colonialism must be fashioned, forged and deployed by a new generation of warriors out of the 94% of Kenyans to liberate the beloved motherland from the  now new parasitic imperialists, colonialists called public servants, elected leaders consuming all tax payers resources as the sovereign people look on helpless.  This war will be hard, vicious as the new enemy is from within unlike the British imperialists who were conspicuous by their colour of the skin.  A new generation of liberators is called for.  The battle lines are clear.  We must fight the war or be subjugated completely.