The unexplored Webuye Falls .

Webuye Falls in Bungoma County
Webuye Falls in Bungoma County

Some questions should never be questioned and the unreachable should just be explored to the fullest.

That’s why the story of Western Kenya should just be told from Western and not anywhere else, indeed the world’s perspective should be told from a Western Kenya perspective.

Ideally, the image of Webuye falls is a wonderful landscape that is also an ideal habitat. This can range from cliff paths to moorland and marshes. The image should show birds and people who are more than hospitable.

It’s indeed an area that can earn this nation great foreign exchange due to the tourist attraction from the great falls to the thrilling landscape not to mention the cool breezes from the passing waters.

Webuye falls can not only serve water to Western Kenya residents who reside near it but also harness electricity from the same to serve the local residents who have always had a problem with light especially to the school going children.

Webuye falls is largely unexplored; little do many know the benefit of this beautiful Western Kenya scenery.

It can also serve as a very nice place for a family outing not forgetting education to Geography and other related subjects.

It’s quite disappointing that no one given leader from this area that has even shown any interest in developing this untapped tourism attraction.

It’s a chance that this nation should not leave to waste and spend much time begging for financial support when the government can reduce the ratio of borrowing from other world nations. It is clear that the exploration of Webuye falls can indeed save this nation the agony of too much borrowing.

The establishment of Nzoia Water Company (NZOWASCO) at this place is not yet enough to call it an investment.

A lot has to be done to bring up this natural resource that the whole world will want to have at its disposal.

Our leaders whom the electorate trusted most seem to be in a slumber and waiting for someone to request to invest in the same. This is not the way to go, instead leaders should go a long way in putting the state on toes to explore and bring up what we want to be seen at the falls.

This should start from working on the accessibility of the area to make it easily reachable by foreign and even local tourists.

This region has ever complained of being left aside in many areas, its high time that this should cease and let others who are not capable do it because Western region has what it needs to develop itself and its people’s lifestyle.

Jesus coming will not at all help us in uplifting what we have and can improve.

It’s just us to do something about it.

The just ignored Kakamega forest, the little explored bullfighting and the non-explored cock fighting are just a few that this region has but sat on them waiting for somebody to come and explore for them. Let’s pull up our socks leaders. Help us improve and invest more in what we have.

All said and done we need action now or else time will judge you.