The world commemorates meteorological day

meteorological day

The world commemorates meteorological day

Climate change poses a fundamental challenge to humanity; it is integrated into the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that will drive the global agenda through the year 2030.

By acting on the basis of the best available science, and drawing on growing reserves of political will and public support, the international community can succeed in building an environmentally sustainable and economically prosperous world.

As the word marks meteorological day this 23rd day of march, the annual event is being marked by almost 191 meteorological organization members worldwide as well as the worldwide meteorological communities using a particular chosen theme of the year in order to commemorate the establishment of the World Meteorological Organization.

World Meteorological Day was started to be celebrated on 23rd of March every year since 1961.

meteorological day

It was the very first celebration of the World Meteorological Day in 1961 which commemorated its entry-into-force on 23rd of March in 1950 in the conference of World Meteorological Organization to keep constant watch on the weather and climate for the better life and future.

The theme of the world meteorological day celebration 2016 would is “Hotter, drier, wetter. Face the Future”.

The theme highlights the challenges of climate change and the path towards climate-resilient societies.

The message to the world from the UN department of public information to the media, the increase in hot days, warm nights and heat waves will affect public health.

These risks can be reduced by heat-health early warning systems that provide timely alerts to decision-makers, health services and the general public.

Droughts must be addressed more proactively through integrated drought management, which embraces guidance on effective policies and land management strategies and shares best practices for coping with drought.

Fortunately, the world’s governments are now fully convinced of the scientific evidence of climate change and the need to take urgent action. More research and investment is needed for advancing low-carbon technologies, particularly in the energy sector.

But already many policies, technologies and actions are available, and their deployment needs to be scaled up.

Individual citizens, community leaders, businesses, civil society organizations, governments and the United Nations system must all contribute while Science will continue to play a vital role.

The World meteorological day was founded by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) which is an intergovernmental organization established for meteorology and having approximately the membership of 191 worldwide Member States as well as Territories.

It was first founded and originated from the “International Meteorological Organization” which was established by the International Meteorological Congress at Vienna, Austria in the year 1873.

Whereas, World Meteorological Organization was first established on 23rd of March in the year 1950 and had became the specialized meteorology agency of the United Nations to operate the weather and climate from one place as well as performing the operational hydrology including all the related geophysical sciences.

The headquarters of the World Meteorological Organization is in the Geneva, Switzerland which is a member of the Development Group, United Nations.