Three dead, five injured after road accident

children dying on roads
It is not uncommon to hear of an accident in our roads nowadays

Three people died on a fatal road accident while five other people got seriously injured on Sabatia-Mumias road near Eshitsitswi market.

According to eye witnesses the vehicle was on its way to Mumias from Sabatia when one of its tyres busted  and the vehicle lost control rolling several times before falling.

An accident occurred along Sabatia-Mumias road killing three and five getting serious injuries

Marama central chief Mr. Patrick Andabwa confirmed the incident saying that one person died on the spot while two other people died on their way to St. Marys hospital for treatment.

Among those who died while on their way to hospital is the driver of the vehicle.

Matatu drivers who use Sabatia-Mumias road have complained of poor road full of potholes which they said may be the cause of the accident.

The area chief Mr. Andabwa asked county government to come in and help in repairing the road by putting up bumps especially near schools and where students and children use to cross the road.