Thugs kill, disappear with private parts of a cow in Matete

A dead cow/ Photo/ West Fm file.

Residents of Lwandeti village, Mabuye sub location in Matete district were treated to a rude shock following an in incident in which unidentified gang stormed the home of an elderly woman where it allegedly slaughtered and disappeared with private parts of a dairy animal.

Speaking to West FM, the 74 years old widow, Mrs. Priscilla Jacob, said she was surprised when she met with the mutilated carcass of her only dairy cow  in the morning as she prepared to carry out  the routinely duty of milking her.

A dead cow/ Photo/ West Fm file.
A dead cow/ Photo/ West Fm file.


“I was actually going to milk the animal when I shockingly stumbled upon its carcass. She said.

“What shocked me even more was her missing private parts and tongue, which I strongly believe the butchers disappeared with,” explained the devastated granny, who narrated how it had taken her several years of painstaking saving before she bought the cow at a cost of Ksh.38,000.

According to the granny, the animal was her main source of livelihood, with proceeds from milk sales going towards fending her grandchildren.

The incident attracted hundreds of area villagers, with most of them unable to comprehend the motive behind it while others linked it to witchcraft acts.

Despite the manners in which the animal was killed some of residents were mouth-watering for its meat as they scramble for the carcasses to get a piece without caring of the danger could result from feeding on it.

One of the area opinion leaders, Mr. Kapteka Wambia, expressed his disappointment, but at the same time called on security organs in Lugari Sub County to launch investigations into the matter as well as beefing night security of the area