Tinderet MP launches tree planting exercise in his constituency

Tree planting is key to the conservation of the environment

Tinderet MP Julius Melly has launched a two weeks tree planting exercise i his constituency, with six institutions set to benefit. Speaking during the launch at Kapkitony location in Tinderet, the MP who is also the parliamentary committee chair on education, said the tree planting exercise will be conducted in institutions of learning.

The administrator has asked schools in the region to consider embracing the idea of tree planting as apart, since it’s a sure way of conserving the environment. Melly who was together with area chief urged Tinderet residents to embark on tree planting so as to prevent soil erosion and floods which have hit the region during the heavy rain season.

The MP also checked on the ongoing construction of a laboratory at Mombwo Girls High School and also the Mombwo Junction-Mombwo Girls High School road which is in pathetic state. A contractor is set to take over the road’s renovation process, with a speedy construction expected before schools reopen.