Tongaren Constituency manager rubbishes claims of CDF being misused.

Tongaren Constituecy manager Maclean Sitati Nangalama
Tongaren Constituecy manager Maclean Sitati Nangalama

Tongaren Constituency manager Maclean Sitati Nangalama has rubbished claims from the competitors of the sitting Member of Parliament Dr. Eseli Simiyu, alleging that the Constituency Development Fund CDF were misused and stolen.

Addressing the residents of Mbakalo, Nangalama lamented how various candidates eyeing the Tongaren seat have been spreading lies and propaganda that the sitting Member of Parliament with him have misused the Constituency Development Funds.

He further explained how the funds were well utilized to stabilize various sectors across the Constituency as far as education is concerned, among construction of classrooms, laboratories, buying of school buses for a number of schools across the Constituency to enhance efficiency in movement for the students going out for educational trips.

Out of the 56 secondary schools in Tongaren Constituency, 53 have twin laboratories with only three schools with same projects underway. Universisty students from the Constituency have also been benefiting from the very funds, among various groups that were given shs 1.2m to invest in various projects that would generate more income for the locals languishing in poverty.

Nangalama has however relentlessly been drumming up support for the sitting Member of Parliament Dr. David Eseli citing that the retired military major has and is yet to take Tongaren to the next level in terms of development.

He asked Kenyans to be very keen on August 9th 2022, urging them not to accept ballot papers without security features rather the stamp by Presiding Officers, citing that ballot papers with no security features will be termed as spoiled ballots urging them to be very keen on the material voting day.

By Otindo Aggrey.