Tongaren Friends Church calls on leaders to embrace peaceful campaign

Tongaren Friends Church pastor Rev. Maurice Simiyu.
Tongaren Friends Church pastor Rev. Maurice Simiyu.

Tongaren Yearly Meeting Friends Quakers Church leadership have called upon all politicians across political divide to embrace peaceful campaign throughout this electioneering period and keep their promises after elections.

Addressing the media after having prayers for the country at Naitiri Friends church as elections draw near, the lead pastor Rev. Maurice Simiyu said they decided to have the prayers so that God can intervene in order to have peaceful elections that will be respected not only in the country but entire world.

He added that the country isn’t heading at the right direction and appealed to all churches in Kenya to make sure they hold daily prayers for the country in the remaining months.

He criticized some politicians for using abusive language towards their opponents and said this may land the country into problems and called on politicians to refrain from making some remarks and instead maintain sobriety, brotherhood and sisterhood.

“Kenya will be there after 9th August and we will need each other so there is no need to abuse your opponent, sell your agenda, sell your manifesto and policies and allow Kenyans to make their judgment on the ballot but abusing or using vulgar language displays your backwardness and primitive politics which has been surpassed by time but as a church we have a duty to pray for the country so that after elections those who would have won and lost would embrace and congratulate each other and allow Kenya to move on,” said Rev. Maurice Simiyu.

He however, cautioned Kenyans on voting leaders on line of tribalism, nepotism or any other way but vote in leaders that would bring positive change and give a new meaning to life adding that everyone will be held accountable after elections.

His sentiments were echoed by women caucus pastor Mrs. Esther Wanjala who appealed to parents to be close to their youthful children and give them guidance so that they shun from being used by politicians for their own gain and end up abandoning them after elections.

“My fellow parents especially mothers let’s be careful with our youths, we have witnessed and seen many of them losing their lives and others getting serious injuries due to politics which leave them with  scars  that will forever haunt them and therefore they need our guidance and advise and this is the time you need to get closer to your children”, said pastor Esther.

Other church leaders.
Other church leaders.

Tongaren Yearly Meeting Friends church youth leader Mr. Evans Wamukota asked the politicians who have the character of using youths to tackle opponents to stop the vice and instead tell the people on what they would do once elected.

He too advised youths to be careful and vigilant enough so that to avoid being used unnecessarily and paid as low as 100 shillings to destroy a brother, a neighbor or a friend.

He cautioned youths who use social media plat forms  to insult others saying the law is very clear and therefore they should be cautious on what they post, he also emphasized on the need for youths to come out in large numbers to elect good leaders.

On his part, Bungoma County Deputy governor Charles Ngome  who is also eyeing senatorial seat on DAP-K who attended the prayers appealed to all churches in Kenya to emulate the Friends Church for being on the forefront on matters education and peace in the country.

Bungoma Deputy governor Prof. Charles Ngome.
Bungoma Deputy governor Prof. Charles Ngome.

He said the church plays an important role in the society and country at large and it has many platforms to educate and sensitize the congregations about peace.

He promised that if he will be elected he will give priority to sugarcane sector and education which he says is in bad shape.

He added that many farmers’ sugarcane have overstayed in the farm and others are getting it hard to get paid for the sugarcane supplied yet the sugar mills are processing sugar everyday and selling it.