Tongaren residents decry the poor state of Misikhu-Brigadier road

Tongaren residents have complained about the poor state of the Misikhu-Brigadier road
Tongaren residents have complained about the poor state of the Misikhu-Brigadier road

Transport activities along the busy Misikhu-Brigadier road in Tongaren and Webuye east constituencies have been paralyzed after businessmen and residents dug trenches across the road in a public lament over its poor state.

Led by Dominic Ngakha the residents claimed that the road which had been earmarked for tarmacking is in bad shape as they cannot transport their goods from Misikhu market easily an issue that has negatively affected their businesses.

He said as tax payers they will no longer condone such state of roads yet they remit their dues on time saying having one of their own professor Charles Ngome as the deputy governor has not added any value to them.

His sentiments were echoed by Oscar Wanyonyi a bodaboda operator who said for a long time they have had to persevere to navigate through the poor roads to take their passengers to the various destinations saying they have however been on the receiving end as their motorbikes have broken down due to the poor roads.

He said they’ve had to spend their earnings on motorbike repair costs instead of fending for their families saying most of them who are employed end up dying poor as they cannot cater for their families.

He called upon the governor together with his deputy to make real their promises of rehabilitating the road saying they don’t even want it to be tarmacked but rather be put on marram as it will ease the transport services from one place to another.

Students from Makunga secondary school as well as Naitiri boys also complained of the poor state of the road saying they always reach their schools late with dirty uniforms from the mud spilled on the road saying a permanent solution will be to have the road tarmacked.

The national government together with the Bungoma County government had previously promised jointly fund the tarmacking of the forty kilometer road a promise that is yet to be fulfilled as the residents vow to continue pushing for construction of the road.