Top 2020 KCSE candidate praised back at home

Robinson with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wanjala
Robinson with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wanjala

Robinson Simiyu Wanjala who was the top candidate in 2020 KCSE was given a rousing welcome with people praising him for making proud Soysambu Mitua ward, Tongaren constituency and Bungoma County at large.

Every speaker heaped praises on the young man for emerging the best in KCSE.

Addressing during his thanks giving ceremony held at their home in Mitimingi village in Soysambu Mitua ward in Tongaren constituency, his father, Pius Wanjala praised his son for the hard work and self discipline that made him acquire the best grades that put him on the top in the country.

“My son Robby has made us proud as a family, we knew he will make it but not as he did and that has made us happy, while at school he would use the pocket money we gave him wisely and sometimes return the balance to me when schools close and he would tell me to use it, it all surprised us, for sure in current days how many can do that”? posed Wanjala.

He said as parents they provided a lot of guidance to their children especially Robinson while he was a candidate and that came to bear fruits and he has encouraged parents to borrow a leaf from them and also make sure that they find time for their children and always encourage and guide them on the need and importance of education.

His sentiments were echoed by his wife Mercy who said the family’s firm trust in God and the core values they believed in contributed a lot in their son’s performance and advised parents to make sure that they allow children to attend church services so that they can be taught moral lessons that will help them in their life and make them achieve in their education and life in general.

On his part, Robinson thanked his family especially parents for standing with him all the time while he was at school for the four years and said hard work and trusting in God was the secret behind his success.

“During my four years in school I yearned to do well and this motivated me to work hard and I can tell you I rarely slept, I made books my best friend and I thank my teachers were always there anytime I needed them and today I stand here to celebrate the auspicious day with you,” said Robinson.

Robinson added that he wants to be a doctor in future and he says he is sure that his dream will come true as he believes that the journey has begun.

He advised this year’s candidates to emulate him and work extra hard saying he has opened doors for better performance in Bungoma County and affirmed that with resilience and hard work, it’s achievable.

“I have walked this journey and I can assure you that it’s achievable, many have done elsewhere but I am the first one in Bungoma County, succeeding in education is not set aside for a specific person, you are there in school I want you to know that it is possible mine was opening the door I trust that from today hence forth Bungoma County will produce better results and will have top students even better than what I did,” he assured

He also appealed to parents to bless their children and support them fully as far as academic is concerned so that they can reach the highest standards of goals that they have set in life.

Several leaders from Bungoma County led by Bungoma Deputy Governor Prof Charles Ngome praised the candidate for putting Bungoma on an educational map in the country.

Addressing the gathering, Prof Ngome who represented the governor said the county government is ready to support Robinson achieve his dreams and appealed to the county assembly to pass the bill of the kitty meant to support such bright students to go to the best university in the world so that they can come back home and give back to the community.

” Mr. Stephen you are here kindly when we request you please support the bill when we bring it  to the County Assembly so that we can help such youths to go out of the country and get the best and when they come back they will be equipped enough to support the county in their different disciplines, “said Ngome.

He advised Robinson to continue working hard and even achieve more as he has shown the potential and the ability to make it in life.

He however advised other parents to invest in the academic of their children and encouraged those who did not qualify for direct university entries to join  tertiary colleges and take courses that would be beneficial to them in future instead of just staying at home as the national government is supporting by paying fees.

Tongaren Member of Parliament Dr. Eseli Simiyu lauded Robinson’s family for investing in education of their children and encouraged other parents to do the same and appealed parents who are able to pay school fees for their children to do so and give a chance to needy students to benefit on constituency bursaries.

“I want to appreciate Robinson’s parents, despite your son being in a national school never at any time did you ask for a bursary and I think other people who are able should follow your suit and emulate your way of doing things so that through such ways students who are bright from needy families can be beneficiaries of our bursary, ” said Dr. Eseli.

He added that for the first time Bungoma is getting positive publicity courtesy of Robinson Simiyu and said this could be a sign of greater things to happen in Bungoma County.

Bungoma County Deputy Governor, Charles Ngome and Tongaren MP Dr. Eseli Simiyu
Bungoma County Deputy Governor, Charles Ngome and Tongaren MP Dr. Eseli Simiyu

Stephen Wafula Wamalwa, Soysambu – Mitua ward MCA highly praised the family for getting their priorities right and guiding the family through academic background and said as a community they are proud and said many people in life will always associate themselves with achievements and said that he is happy that such great achievement has come during his reign and added that he will always be ready to support education in his entire ward.

He asked Robinson to plan and visit schools within and encourage other students on how they can also make it.

“We expect that the schools from this ward and by extension Tongaren constituency will arrange at the appropriate time for our champion to move around schools and give motivation speeches and key note talks about academic to our students and especially our this year’s candidates maybe through this we can get more champions and more better grades than we got in 2020 KCSE,” said Wamalwa.

The ceremony was also attended by Education CEC Bungoma County Dr. Betty Mayeku, her Chief Officer Mrs. Rose Murunga, Tongaren DEO, DCC, KEPSHA and KESSHA leadership among others.