Traders conduct business in Lugari forest after eviction

Empty stalls at the Lugari market

Traders at the Lugari station market engaged police and the Kakamega County government officials in a cat and mouse game as they were ejected from the market on Wednesday.

Tens of traders who had turned up at the market were not allowed to carry on with their business as usual and were turned away immediately.

However instead of going back home the traders decided to enter into the nearby Lugari forest and turned it into a market as they hired young boys and stationed them at various points along the road to lure customers and direct them into the forest where the business was going on.

Police were later informed of the trickery and went into the forest and dispersed them .

Following the outbreak of Coronavirus in the country, the County government of Kakamega ordered closure all markets in the county as a measure to curb the spread of killer virus.