Traders in Trans Nzoia fear for their businesses


Following an order by the National Government concerning some small business people vacating the road reserve in two weeks in Kitale town  Trans Nzoia county, now the businessmen that will be affected by the order have expressed their fear of losing more businesses. They have called upon
the government to instead set aside some alternative areas for them to operate.

On Friday, Trans Nzoia County commissioner Sam Ojwang ordered the businessmen operating on road reserve to vacate in two weeks and pave way for construction of a road within Kitale town that will link Endebess towards Suam boarder of Kenya and Uganda.

Ojwang said the order must be followed and that the government has issued an order to prepare the businessmen demolish their structures on their own that was erected on a road reserve and save themselves from losses emanated by government demolitions claiming construction of a dual road that will help improve the Transportations of locals as well
as businessmen with ease.

Senator Mbito takes a jig with women at Kitale

Today businessmen mostly women led by their chair  paid a courtesy call to Trans Nzoia county Senator Dr.Michael Mbito described an order as being malicious since they were being evicted at their places of operation without setting aside areas that they might operate from.

They claimed to have undergone some financial constraints especially during corona pandemic stating they lost most of their businesses that used to feed them. They explained the hard life they were undergoing as some of them have not yet come to terms following demolition of their structures by
Kenya railways management and that they are going to be faced by the same monster where they are grappling with an order of vacating the road reserve without being shown an alternative area to operate.

”some of us are leading very hard lives as we have school going children, we need to provide food as well as clothing, when we are told to vacate, where should we go”, this is totally inhuman, claimed one trader Jacqueline Nasambu

They claimed having been taxed by the county Government without providing them alternatives for them to continue operating their businesses without being affected.

Senator Mbito on his part, was concerned the manner into which businessmen in the county are being treated claiming it was uncalled for. He noted that during this time of leadership, there was need to have room for dialogue as the government with its people over some issues affecting locals and that it would have been wise for the national Government in consultation with the County Government to work
hand in hand in tackling locals predicaments they are faced with and not dictate them by issuing notices that affect them negatively.

He assured them to follow up the matter in the senate as well as engage national chamber chairman concerning the matter claiming he was optimistic they will arrive at an amicable conclusion.