Tradition takes centre stage in a 90 year old Tachoni elder

Ken Kwata the traditional singer

The residents of Sango village in Maraka location in Webuye East sub county were treated to traditional Tachoni dance and songs during the burial of 90 year old mzee Elam Kisuya. Mzee Elam was the father of Maraka location chief Mr. Samuel Kisuya. The burial service went on well prepared by the roman Catholic Church of Webuye parish but the moment the old man was buried, the Tachoni rites took over the song that befits such an old man who served in the advisory council took over with serious dance to praise the old man. They danced around the compound and eventually went to his grave and danced on top of it for hours something that left some of the mourners surprised but others joined them in the singing. 

According to the soloist Ken Kwata, the old man had lived a well traditional life helping the community in matters of advice and therefore he deserved the traditional sent off. Ken said dancing on the grave was a sign of great respect only given to the outstanding people who worked tirelessly for the Tachoni community while he was a life adding that the old man did everything and therefore passed the test of being given a great sent off. He added that some songs and dances signified the passing of a a leader and a hero in Tachoni community and urged different communities not to abandon tradition as its a sense of belonging.

 ” We must always uphold our tradition at all times, it’s important as it’s our sense of belonging, our culture is our pride and nobody should shy away from it,” said Mr. Kwata. However Mr. Maurice Chemakile who is the Catholic catechist who presided over the burial criticized the tradition rites that were done saying it is out dated and old fashioned and doesn’t fit in the current life. He added that the old man Mr. Elam was a Catholic faithful after he denounced the tradition while still a live and therefore such traditional rites were not supposed to be done and asked residents to change in terms of the tradition and instead embrace churches activities saying such traditions have contributed to bad behaviors in the community. 

On his side, the area chief Mr. Samuel Kisuya mourned his father as a great man who loved his family overwhelmingly and made sure that he gave them education even when he struggled to get school fees, “my father was a good friend and a father figure to many and not only his children but to the whole community at large, he gave me advice especially in terms of leadership I looked up to him and therefore i have lost a great man,” said the chief. He added that his late father was seriously depended on in the Tachoni community on matters to do with advice especially on some traditional rites as he was a resourceful person and therefore he was not surprised by the traditional rites that took place.