Tran Nzoia residents urged to embrace culture

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Mrs. Khaemba with a pot on her head, joins other mothers to show case their cultural items at the function

Tran Nzoia residents urged  to embrace culture

Tran Nzoia county residents have been advised to embrace their culture and avoid imitating the western culture blindly which has enormous disadvantages to the residents of the county

Speaking this during the cultural fate at Chebarus area Sitatunga ward of cherangany county, Trans Nzoia counties wife to governor Patrick Khaemba Mrs. Lydia Khaemba advised locals not to shun away from their cultural practices which she said had enormous advantages that can shape up the lives of citizens of the present generations.

She said that owing to cultural decay in which most people have embraced the western culture and forgotten their practices has yielded to a society that is indiscipline with various ills sprouting up that is not African which has kept on puzzling many people including parents and the old who have found it hard to advise the young generations on the dangers of following the western culture blindly

From right Sitatunga MCA Munene Mokua, Miss Lydia Khaemba (C) and Sports and social culture CEC Eunice Jelimo Ndiwa discus during the function

Mrs. Khaemba said that teachings used by the old folk was vital to the present generations and there was no form of societal moral decay as is today where the youth have shunned away from visiting their grand’s in their homes to get some kind of advises that is important to them especially during this times when society is engaged in more ills that is rampant in the society.

“I call upon the residents to continue staying in harmony with each other as they have used to stay before and avoid being subjected to divisive politics by politicians who normally take advantage of poverty to divide them on tribal lines which,” she said.

The culture and social services county executive board for Trans Nzoia county Eunice Jelimo Ndiwa said that the county is in plans to make sure that each sub county is captured in cultural activities of the tribes staying within the county as she said Trans Nzoia as a county is a cosmopolitan county and need to have such events so that every tribe is captured during the cultural days that is normally organized as a way of showcasing cultures of different communities staying within the county.

She called upon every citizen staying within the county to support the counties initiative of trying to capture every tribe in engaging in cultural activities which she said is useful in shaping the present generations in terms of behavioral change so that they stay a positive life and avoid being found on the   wrong side of law


She said the county is prepared to support cultural practices of several tribes found within the county urging every tribe to turn up in large numbers and engage in cultural practices so that each tribe learns from the other on what a certain tribe used to do in terms of culture that is beneficial to other s also this will make sure that the communities borrow from each other some aspects that it feels was important to the society so that they continue to co-exist in harmony in future.

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Some mothers showcase their traditional utensils and materials at the function

The area MCA for Sitatunga ward Mokua Munene disclosed that the importance of hosting such an event  within his ward was that since Trans Nzoia as a county has several  inhabitants who comes from different tribes, he felt that it was right to hold the ceremony so that each community comes up and showcase its cultural activities to
others so that there was exchange of views amongst the tribes residing in the county and this also helps to bring the communities together as a result of such practices which helps boost peace and stability in the county.

He said being a committee member in the culture and social services docket in Trans Nzoia county he plans to have several practices held within the county and in several sub counties as a way of trying to show the present generation what actually used to happen in the past so that it does not deviate from doing what is necessary when it comes their time as their contribution to their generation will be of help as they will also use the opportunity to pass over the message they gained from the practices they had been shown to their generations.

He said that he was perturbed in the manner which youth have not shown commitment in showcasing their culture as well as visiting their grand parents for some lessons on cultural practices blaming the parents for doing little to see that their children have an opportunity to involve in cultural practices of their communities so that there was no moral decay in the present children who he said use most of their time staying with their parents in town and have paid no attention in visiting especially the reserves and take part in cultural practices that is normally held at their reserves.

“Some of the parents are to blame for not taking the cultural practices seriously as they have paid little attention to take home their families involve in cultural practices, this is proving it hard as the current generations has no knowledge of their cultures”, said

The MCA said he has plans to have cultural days in future held in every ward as a way of trying showcase every tribe its culture so that the next generations understands its culture as a way of trying to involve them  on every aspect that was practiced so that the next generation is not affected..