Trans Nzoia County Commissioner warns drunk civil servants


National Government through the office of County Commissioner for Trans Nzoia has directed all bodies in mortuary upon arrival at home be buried within two hours as well as 50 people only required during the burial as a measure of curbing an increase in the spread of Corona Virus.

Speaking to the media in Kitale, Trans Nzoia County Commissioner Sam Ojwang directed all security agencies within the county led by Deputy County Commissioners, and chiefs to ensure the directive is followed, warning officers who will not abide by the directive of dire consequences.

Ojwang claimed there was no need of night vigil with the dead body as the action will only help in spreading the virus further which he noted has claimed several lives in the country.

“I have directed all bodies upon arrival at their respective homes be buried within two hours as a way of curbing the rising Corona Virus and that no night vigil shall be condoned”, warned the Commissioner.

He stated that the Government has put in more efforts of combating the rising cases of the virus and that all the gatherings must be monitored as they were liable for the spread of the virus calling upon all the residents within the county to uphold the ministry’s directive to combat the rising cases of the disease.

He however announced tough measures against all Government employees found engaging in illicit brew stating any officer found in the act risks being sacked as a way of instilling discipline among civil servants.

He claimed his office has knowledge of several civil servants engaging in illicit brew taking which was not going down well with the Government.

“We have started operations to kick out all civil servants found engaging in illegal  alcohol abuse brews, the Government has no place for rehabilitation organization for civil servants engaging in alcohol abuse, “said Ojwang.

The commissioner however appealed to the public to report all officers abusing alcohol so that action is taken against them for going contrary to their ethics in service.