Trans Nzoia County Police Commander to crack the whip against those flouting Covid regulations

Transnzoia Police Commander Fredrick Ochieng

Trans Nzoia county police Commander Francis Ochieng has ordered for the arrest of people flouting Covid-19 regulations in the county claiming there was laxity in the manner in which people are adhering to regulations. He said they are not following Covid-19 containment protocols as put forward by ministry of Health.

This week inspector general of police Hillary Mutyambai ordered police to arrest those persons found flouting Covid regulations as a way of
curbing the spread. Trans Nzoia police commander claimed several locals within the county were not wearing masks, forgotten washing hands especially at market centers, as well as failing to observe social distance especially in public gatherings that might aid in spreading the disease.

Among other areas that police will undertake operations were bus stages and matatus plying different routes which the police commander
claimed bus owners have forsaken observing social distance in their matatus as passengers are allowed to sit without observing socials distance, lack of water points at their stages as well as lack of matatu operators to make sure their passengers are sanitized and carry with them masks that helps curb spread of the disease.

Ochieng added that bar operators, market malls, as well as clubs will not be spared as most of them are flouting regulations. He claims several clubs are admitting more people without putting in mind the risks. The population admitted in their clubs have no social distance, people enter without masks, and some extend curfew hours as set up by the government.

He has however appealed to the County Government of Trans Nzoia to make sure it provides water in the open air markets as well as advice
citizens in following Covid protocols by washing hands in while in those markets noting that police will be on watch out even in those
centers and will arrest individuals flouting rules.

The county commander extended the same call to supermarkets to observe Covid regulations by providing water points at their entrances,
sanitize individuals entering their premises as well as use thermo-guns in detecting temperatures of customers entering their premises to
help curb the spread of the virus failure to which the management will be taken stern action if found not adhering to regulations.

Ochieng warned that the Government will not relent on its efforts in making sure the culprits are apprehended and taken to court for
flouting Covid rules.