Trans Nzoia DG urges NCPB to open stores for farmers to store maize

Trans Nzoia County deputy Governor Stanley Tarus Kenei
Trans Nzoia County deputy Governor Stanley Tarus Kenei

Trans Nzoia Deputy Governor Stanley Kenei has urged the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) to open their stores for farmers to store maize. Speaking in Kitale, the Deputy Governor said the rain season is ongoing and farmers are still in a reaping season. Farmers have already voice their concerns with NCPB, as they look for stores to keep their produce. Kenei has also urged the NCPB to renovate and mend their maize driers, “Many cereals board driers are old and can;’t function properly. We urge the national government to avail money so that they can be mended or they can buy new ones which will benefit farmers,” he said.

He has urged farmers in the County to make good use of the driers availed by the County government, in Kiminini, Cherangany, Kwanza and Saboti sub counties. He noted that many farmers waste their maize produce because they can’t dry them well, “We urge farmers that even though the driers are few, let’s put them to good use in the sub counties where they are situated…they shouldn’t lose their produce for the year,” he said.

However, Kenei said that the County government has opened stores where farmers can keep their maize in every sub county. He said they held talks with the Agriculture Ministry and NCPB, to allow farmers to sue the stores, “We are waiting for an agreement by the cereals board so that farmers can use them.” The maize will be dried at the stores and NCPB will check the state of the maize and buy.