Trans Nzoia Governor decries scarcity of main goods

Governor Patrick Khaemba
Governor Patrick Khaemba

Trans Nzoia County Governor Patrick Khaemba has raised an alarm over scarcity of main goods and commodities in the country and called for thorough investigation into the alleged hoarding of goods to benefit few individuals.

Khaemba while addressing members of the fourth estate in Kitale town noted that there was a scheme between the manufacturers and retailers to keep quantities of goods and commodities in storage to the point of affecting consumers in terms of prices making life difficult for many struggling Kenyans.

“The price of goods and commodities has been hiked for the last few months to an extent where Kenyans cannot afford. Dairy and poultry feeds have also gone up and has forced small scale farmers to abandon the activities. We have not witnessed such a situation for the last 20 years. Why is it happening now?” questioned Khaemba.

According to Khaemba, surprisingly the government agencies have been sleeping on the job at the expense of Kenyans.

He cited the shortage of fuel that has affected most parts of the country, increment of fuel prices, hiked fertilizer prices, shortage of cement and essential commodities like milk, cooking oil to be some of the issues affecting the lives of Kenyans.

The concerned authorities, he said, should take action and investigate the matter, raising concern of a scheme between the manufacturers and retailers to exploit innocent Kenyans.

The governor urged the department of Treasury and Finance including other departments to take immediate action to sort out the issues and be able to cushion Kenyans.

Khaemba attributed scarcity of cement in the country to be the major factor hindering the completion of Kitale Business Center, one of his flagship projects.

“We do not have cement for construction and if we do it is not enough. We are not used to these situations in this country. There should be a solution for the economy to grow,” he explained.

The 800 million, 5 floors and 5000 capacity Business Complex will help boost the county’s revenue collection base.

The complex will also help de-congest the Kitale town and further create business opportunities for Trans Nzoia residents.

On Agriculture, Khaemba said farm inputs have gone up to a point farmers cannot afford yet the rains have begun.

Currently, the fertilizer price ranges between Sh6,000 to Sh6,200 per bag.

“If it continues like this then either the farmer will not plant the whole farm or use enough fertilizers and in the end we will not have enough yield,” he said adding that unless there should be proper plans for farmers.

He also called on relevant parliamentary committees, Senate, CS Agriculture and the President to come up with an emergency plan to subsidize fertilizers to ensure food security.