Trans Nzoia governor under siege

Trans Nzoia Governor Patrick Khaemba
Trans Nzoia Governor Patrick Khaemba

Trans Nzoia Governor Patrick Khaemba is the man under siege following a notice of appearance that was sent to him by the Public Accounts Committee of the Assembly of Trans Nzoia which wants him to explain on the progress of stalled projects initiated by him some five years ago and are yet complete.

The invitation comes barely  some days following auditor’s report that claimed some of the monies set aside by Governor Khaemba’s administration may have been squandered as there was some lapse in the manner the county monies has been spent.

In a letter that was seen by West Media, the PAC under its chair who doubles as Bidii Ward MCA Peter Waswa wants the Governor to explain how several projects he initiated has failed to completion as well as explain to the committee the progress of other projects that were

The letter written on 21st May 2021 gave Governor Khaemba two weeks to appear before it to shed light on the projects and how tax payers’ monies has been spent during the past one year.

Letter to the assembly
Letter to the assembly

Some of the projects whose the assembly has been funding and is yet complete was the Referral hospital whose its construction started some five years ago and till now is not complete, the stadium that has seen funds set aside for its construction and up to date nothing on the
ground is going on, the business center that was supposed to be set up within the county as well as maize milling machine that is yet to start.

The committee has ordered Governor Khaemba to be a quest with it and answer to some of the pertinent issues affecting the county that wants the public understand how their monies has been utilized within the county and was scheduled to meet the committee on Friday 4th.

However, the administration through the County Secretary Sifuna Wakofula wrote a letter to the committee requesting for postponement of the date to early July claiming the
administration was not ready to meet the committee on the issue.

In its letter seen by West Media addressed to the County Assembly through the clerk acknowledges receipt of the letter that wanted them appear before the committee and goes ahead requesting for more time proposing to meet it  in July .

The PAC chairperson Peter Waswa  was in agreement with the letter calling upon the county administration to keep the promise of meeting the committee as proposed claiming this time round they will not condone more postponements noting that should Governor Khaemba disrespect the committee by not meeting it, they will compel him  by taking the matter to court that will intervene for him to appear before the committee.

However, human right activists led by Kepha Were opposed the committee meeting Khaemba claiming he will compromise it.

Were claimed MCAS invitation of Governor Khaemba was in disguise as it wants to reap heavily from him claiming they are broke and want to use the opportunity in reaping big from the Governor noting that they have been around and didn’t even raise some queries concerning misappropriation of funds as they were riding on auditor’s report to make themselves relevant.

Were has appealed to MCAS not to use the opportunity in enriching themselves but follow the matter to the latter claiming in the past they have used the opportunity in receiving bribes from the Governor which was uncalled for.

“MCAS are playing PR activities with the minds of Transnzoians, they had all the opportunity in putting this leadership of Khaemba on its toes but failed , we understand they are broke and want to use this opportunity to enrich themselves”, claimed Were