Trans Nzoia groups benefit from loans worth 2.5M

Beneficiaries at the function

Trans Nzoia groups benefit from loans worth 2.5M

People with disability, the youth and women from Machewa Ward Saboti constituency of Trans Nzoia County had a reason to smile when they received some Ksh. 2.5 million from the county Government in form of loans to support them economically.

While giving out some cheques to more than 30 youth and women groups, the Trans Nzoia Chief Executive Committee member for gender, culture, sports and social services Eunice Jelimo Ndhiwa, appealed to them to put the money into meaningful projects that will add value to their money so that they improve their livelihoods.

CEC for Gender, sports, culture and social services presents a cheque to the beneficiaries.

The CEC said that the county administration came to the conclusion whereby it was agreed that among the groups that needed urgent support was the youth and women because most are living in abject poverty.

She called upon all beneficiaries to avoid engaging in illegal businesses like beer but instead consult with her office so that they are offered some relevant knowledge about the projects that they can set up and the right business that they can undertake.

She appealed to the challenged to use the money well terming them as special people who will not be allowed to pay back the money to the counties administration and called for better utilization of such funds to help them and their families.

The CEC however warned couples against misusing the funds citing a case where a man received a loan and instead of going straight home and discuss with his wife on how they can spend the money, moved to town and put them on impulse buying as well as engaging in lifestyle activities which in turn caused him dearly because he failed to pay the loan and his assets auctioned.

Gender, sports, culture and socia services CEC Jelimo Ndiwa in navy blue skirt after presenting the cheque to one of the groups

Her sentiments were echoed by area MCA for Machewa Ward Geoffrey Wambalaba who asked the beneficiaries to put the money they had received into meaningful projects that will help them improve on their livelihoods.

He appealed to the youth to continue visiting their youth offices at the county levels in order to be educated on how to utilize their money wisely and not involve in poor expenditures as he said the money has to be paid back in order for other groups to benefit.

The MCA however was disappointed in the manner youths have taken the initiative of joining tertiary institutions located in his ward disclosing that the numbers were few compared to the institutions that was built saying the facilities are not well utilized by students.

He said that the polytechnic that was constructed within his ward has only attracted few students who were enrolled in several disciplines while some classes are lying idle as there are no students to take up the courses in the institution.

Some of the attendants at the function

He called upon parents and youth especially the ones who did K.C.P.E and K. C.S.E but didn’t qualify to join several institutes to instead use the available time now to enroll for various courses in the polytechnic so that they can train in courses that can help improve on their skills.

He called upon the parents and students not to view those students who normally enroll in tertiary institutions as failures but to instead take up the opportunity and enroll in several courses that will also lead them to universities as the kind of education offered in the said institutes was right.