Trans Nzoia DG urges land grabbers to surrender pieces of land

Trans Nzoia Deputy Governor Stanley Kenei Tarus
Trans Nzoia Deputy Governor Stanley Kenei Tarus

Trans Nzoia County Deputy Governor Stanley Tarus has warned individuals who’ve snatched public land of dire consequences and urged them to surrender the pieces of land to the government for development purposes. The Deputy Governor said this during a meeting with various stakeholders on land issues, who had visited his office, pointing out some people have encroached on public land.

Last month, several people were given a notice for holding onto public land and were directed to vacate. The notice expired but the occupants obtained a stay order from the court.

DG Tarus said the Trans Nzoia County government lacks sufficient land to set up development projects within the County, adding that the grabbers include businessmen and politicians who acquired title deeds through dubious means. “Some of the pieces of land, including the one belonging to the Railways Association in the County, have been gabbed by wealthy people and we’ve no space available for development projects,” he said. He has pledged to repossess all the land acquired illegally. However, he urged the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) to visit the County and carry out investigations pertaining the land issues, to ascertain the people who are in possession of public land.