Trans Nzoia leaders over sodomy cases in the region

Transnzoia County Commissioner Sam Ojwang
Transnzoia County Commissioner Sam Ojwang

Trans Nzoia County is investigating sodomy cases reported within the county linking a Kitale based preacher whose been on the spot following rising number of cases of sodomy leveled against him by several men who allege he lured them with monetary benefits and death threats.

While speaking to media Trans Nzoia County Commissioner Sam Ojwang stated having received several cases of sodomy within the county with several cases linking a Kitale based preacher who is claimed has been using teenagers to lure them in the act that has been going on for a while.

The move comes after several complaints from the affected as well as politicians led by Trans Nzoia County Woman Representative Janet Nangabo appealed to the police to arrest the suspect whose his case has been reported and still no action has been taken by police.

The Woman Representative claimed the said preacher was chased in Bungoma county and relocated in Trans Nzoia but has not let go his evil deeds that he has been doing to some teenagers.

Nangabo dared police to speed up investigations and apprehend the suspect who she claims was still at large and that he was using his positions and connections to evade arrest claiming if police will not arrest the suspect then civilians will do the same.

Trans Nzoia County Woman Representative Janet Nangabo
Trans Nzoia County Woman Representative Janet Nangabo

A number of victims who opened up their ordeals said they fell prey to tricks by the said Pastor who promised them wealth owing to his rich connections with donors from Western countries and beyond.

“He approached me to join his ministry which is based at Kipsongo owing to my knowledge of playing the Key Board. He promised to pay me Sh30, 000 per month for the service of which I accepted,” one of the victims starts off his narration.

Trouble begun when the “Man of God” paid him a visit at the apartment that he had rented for him. The priest came with a bag full of clothes which he said he had bought for the young man as presents for his good work in the ministry.

“I was excited but that ended when he informed me that he liked me and wanted to have anal sex with me. I refused but he insisted to check on me later saying that it is not bad since he is used to doing it with young men,” said the 21-year-old victim.

He said, “One Sunday after service when all believers had left he handed him fifty thousand saying he just wants to have sex with him. I asked him how? He brushed it off and asked me to join him for lunch at his place to explain how. When we got there, he went to his bedroom and came out naked with a Ceska pistol which he threatened me with into having sex with him. He also threatened to kill me if I told anyone about it and promised to give me Sh200,000”

The second victim is a 31-year-old real estate agent who said he knew the priest since he was one of the tenants in the houses he managed within Laving ton estate in the outskirts of Kitale town.

“He approached me one day with a request to relocate to a better house with better facilities at Milimani estate. I went with him to have a look at available houses so that he can choose one,” said the agent.

He said he began suspicious when the priest tickled him when in one of the houses. The Bishop went on to tell him that he is very handsome which he thought was a mere compliment from a fellow man.

“After the visit he offered to pay Sh. 5,000 me if I offered him massage services at his house. I turned him down since what he was driving at and immediately begun avoiding him despite his numerous calls and texts,” he said.

I was surprised to learn that he knew a friend of mine who died while we were at the campus. He succumbed to injuries inflicted upon him following a sodomy incident that led his rectum to rapture.

He coincidentally knew him claiming they sang together in the church, nothing serious.

He persisted on with his calls to an extent that my wife was curious to know what kind of conversations we normally had with the unknown caller despite having told her that he was just one of my business clients.

“I opened up to my wife and my pastor about the advances by the bishop upon which they told me to keep avoiding him. He however keeps calling me and even sends me money on several occasions,” he said.

However, pastor Nduruchi denied the allegations when contacted and instead accused his accusers of blackmail saying they have been extorting money from him as protection fee as not to tarnish his name.

“If whatever they are saying is true why have they not reported the matter to the police? This is a case of blackmail and malice which is geared towards damaging my reputation,” the Bishop responded in a phone call.

The two victims are among the many others who have been sodomized by the pastor.

According to Bishop Fred Simiyu who chairs the Bishop’s Council in Trans Nzoia, he has received several complaints by victims of acts of sodomy by the priest calling on him to reign on him before he gets out of hand.

With these cases of sodomy the Kitale hospital has received several cases where suspects have reported of sodomy with many cases coming up that was threatening the health sector.

According to Dr. Sammy Masibo Superintendent Kitale County Referral Hospital, 11 cases of sodomy have been reported within a span of one year at the Kitale County Hospital while 22 cases were reported in 2020 with the youngest case being a 10 month year old.

“The majority are children 12 years and below. Only one man above 18 years is reported to have sought for help. Adult men tend to suffer silently,” he explained.

Commissioner Ojwang however blamed parents over what he claimed as failing their responsibilities of taking good care of their children as well as monitoring the groups that their children engage with.