Trans Nzoia MCA calls for dissolution of assembly following Infotrak ranking

Trans Nzoia assembly in session
Trans Nzoia assembly in session

Following the report by Infotrak that ranked the Trans Nzoia County assembly as the worst in terms of performance, several County leaders have expressed their views, with calls for the dissolution of the assembly. Sitatunga MCA Daniel Kaburu has welcomed the report, saying it’s a true representation on the state of the assembly, “The Infotrak report released which puts our assembly at position 47 is correct and as a leader, I accept it as a true reflection of what’s bene happening on the ground. Most of the MCAs aren’t serious when it comes to oversight, legislation and representation.

He blamed his colleagues for allegedly being used by the County administration to curtail oversight efforts. He said when some CECs and chief officers do something wrong and leaders present concerns about their dismal performance in the assembly, a section of MCAs collude with the County government to water down bills or precepts to guide the intended action to be taken. He said few MCAs have, however, upheld their oversight duties despite the challenges, “Not every MCA has bene used to taint the assembly’s name, as some are being used to doctor good bills aimed at improving the livelihoods of the County residents.”

The MCA now has appealed for the dissolution of the assembly which he claimed has fallen short of its core mandate of representation, oversight and legislation, saying the ranking is a big shame. He added that they’ve bene a big letdown as MCAs and that the current assembly has nothing good to offer the electorate.