Trans Nzoia residents urged to embrace peace

Trans Nzoia County Commissioner Ann Gakuria addressing residents
Trans Nzoia County Commissioner Ann Gakuria addressing residents

Messages of peace prevailed during the Mashujaa Day celebrations in Trans Nzoia as leaders appealed for peaceful co-existence during this period filled with political rhetoric. While presiding over the celebration, Trans Nzoia County Commissioner Anne Gakuria said it’s important for locals within the County to stay in peace irrespective of the political parties they support.

The County Commissioner assured residents of the County of enough security for citizens who will turn up to vote on October 26th, urging those who will try to cause chaos to stay away from the voting stations. “I urge the residents of the County to continue staying in peace and shun political pressures created by politicians who want to divide them along tribal lines,” said Gakuria. She warned the politicians who may want to cause divisions and urged them to preach a message of peace.

The call for peace was also echoed by the County Deputy Governor Dr. Stanley Kenei who urged residents to keep away from tribal politics and instead embrace each other as Kenyans. He said some politicians just want to take advantage of residents through divisions.